Bridge City Tools for sale (31)

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Bridge City Tools for sale (31)

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Bridge City Tools for sale

All of these items where purchased by me around 1992-1993.
All tools are in original boxes. They have not been used, unless indicated. Those few were only used a couple of times. Most have never been taken out of the plastic bag. I can supply pictures as needed. I had intended to further pursue woodworking, but my skills were not up to the beauty of these tools, so I left them unopened. Some show a little brass tarnish, usually where the brass meets the Juara wood.

The easiest way I can accept funds is via Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can still go there and pay with a credit card.
Buyer will be responsible for shipping from Zip Code 60137. I can only ship to lower 48 states.
The easiest method for shipping is USPS Flat Rate Boxes, which includes insurance coverage up to $50 for domestic shipments.
Go to, click Quick Tools, and then click Calculate a Price. Enter 60137 as the 'from' and your zip code as the 'to'. There are four blue options at the bottom - select View Flat Rate Boxes. It will then show a screen with 3 box sizes (dimensions are shown). The 'Normal Delivery Time' row, under the 'Retail' column toward the right, will show the prices for each box size. Allow room for packing.
I will mark tools as they sell as sold.

The first price for each tool is my price. Then, I show some ebay price ranges where I found similar tool(s).

SOLD: MS-2 Master Miter Square, $80, ebay $45-125

SOLD: SR-12 12" Bench Rule, $20
SOLD: CR-18 18" Centering Rule, $35
SOLD: SR-24 24" Bench Rule, $45
SOLD: SR-36 36" Bench Rule, $65

SOLD: BP-18 Bevel Protractor Signature Series #927, $165, ebay $100-75, used a couple of times just to see how well it worked. Still looks brand new.

NOTE: All 4 rules together at a discount. This is the way I'd rather sell these because of shipping concerns.

and search for Bridge City Tools. The listing with the title "Bridge City Tools - many to choose from" has pictures of the tools above.

SOLD: TS-3 Double Square, $60, ebay $56
SOLD: MS-1 Jointmaker's Miter Square, $65, ebay $70
SOLD: DS-1 8:1 Dovetail Square, $60, ebay $60
SOLD: DS-2 6:1 Dovetail Square, $60
SOLD: SR-6 6" Pocket Rule, $25
SOLD: SE-24 24" Precision Straight Edge, $60, ebay $61
SOLD: TS-1 Jointmaker's Square, $60, ebay $50-65
SOLD: TS-1.5 Try Square, Signature Series #147, $90
SOLD: TS-2 Master Try Square, $80, ebay $80-150
SOLD: SA-2 Scratch Awl, $65, ebay $75-86
SOLD: MS-1.5 Miter Square, Signature Series #132, $85, ebay $98
SOLD: MS-3 22.5° Miter Square, Signature Series #878, $80, ebay $50
SOLD: AS-24 Adjustable Angle Square, $125, ebay $199-100, large box shipping
SOLD: TB-1 T-Bevel, $75, ebay $100
SOLD: TB-2 7" Sliding T-Bevel, $80, ebay $125-77
SOLD: TB-3 12" Sliding T-Bevel, $100, ebay $125-$80
SOLD: MG-1 Marking Gage, $120, ebay $122-81
SOLD: MG-2 Marking/Mortising Gage, $155, ebay $160-153
SOLD: DG-2 Depth Gage English with HG-2 Height Gage Attachment, $160, ebay $148
SOLD: CS-1 CenterScribe, $195, ebay $238-125, Used once or twice
SOLD: SA-1 Scratch Awl, Signature Series #402, $65, ebay $85
SOLD: AS-3 3" Adjustable Square, Signature Series #2472, name - Ramirez, $95, ebay $70-167
SOLD: AS-14 14" Adjustable Square, Signature Series #2480, name - Ramirez, $180, ebay $215
SOLD: CT-1 Squeval Rosewood, Commemorative Edition #798-R, Initials - PR, $85, ebay $100-78
(For fun: Bridge City Sweatshirt, white with colorful city bridge logo, free if you buy many of the tools at once. Worn once or twice, but looks relatively new. L or XL. Will require large box)
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