HP-9 plane issues

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HP-9 plane issues

Postby skirincich4@gmail.com » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:02 pm

I have been quite disappointed to notice how easily the blade on my HP-9 block plane pivots laterally during use. I have read that this problem also exists with the HP-8 plane. So far my attempts to adjust the cap portion of the iron retention mechanism have been unsuccessful. Without any set screws to control this movement, it appears the only solution is to apply greater pressure to the top of the iron. This could be a problem if extreme pressure causes the sole to flex or just damages the mechanism. Is there a way to tighten the blade's connection to the depth/lateral adjuster?

I also have the SE block plane, and considering that these two planes use the same iron retention mechanism, I am concerned that the issues with the HP-9 will also appear once I start using the SE plane. The iron on the HP-9 is ground square on both edges, but this is not the case with the SE blade. Not a big deal if this unwanted pivoting is also a problem.

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Re: HP-9 plane issues

Postby rwest » Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:45 pm

Hi Steve and welcome,

I just went to the shop and checked my CT-9 and it too had a bit of swivel to it. I know from a previous post or conversation with John, that it takes very little pressure on a bevel up blade to keep it working, which is much different than a bevel down plane.

I left the blade clamp engaged and then just turned the pressure screw until it snugged up- about half a turn and then made sure it didn't take too much pressure to operate the blade clamp. This kept the blade from moving in use; I could still adjust the side to side with my fingers, but in use it didn't pivot.

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