Rear Height Screw Assembly

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Rear Height Screw Assembly

Postby John » Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:00 pm

On page 7 of the manual, Step 6, there is an image of the Rear Height Screw Assembly. This unit was pre-assembled in all of the kits--we fixed the threaded stud to the barrel nut housing using Locktite--it does not spin.

I spoke with a customer today who was having trouble with height adjustments and this assembly had uncoupled--raising and lowering the blade becomes impossible.

Obviously this should have not happened. The fix is an easy one, the threaded stud needs to be fixed to the barrel nut housing using a suitable adhesive (cyanoacrylates work, but you have to move fast) with the top of the threaded stud flush with the top of the barrel nut housing.

Although this was an isolated case, it is the second or third time we have encountered it--which is two or three times too many.


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