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blade deflection

Postby quiinc » Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:30 am

This is not a complaint, even though that's the title of this section. I figured out what I was doing wrong, and it might be helpful to someone else.

I was cutting a miter in 2 1/2 inch softwood and, in checking the cut, found it to be slightly rounded across the width of the stock. I noticed as I tried again that I was getting a good bit of blade deflection through the cut.

I went back through the steps of tuning up the blade and found that, even though the cuts were prefectly square in my previous session with the Jointmaker Pro a week ago, I needed to adjust the blade to be parallel with the sliding table. Once if made the adjustments, my miters were perfect again. I'm still amazed at how cleanly this tool cuts.

On another note, it might be worth making the bumpers just a little bigger. On my unit, they provide very little cushion before the glides strike the rear plate. The easy fix is not to push so far, of course, but once you work up a head of steam, pushing too far back once in a while seems unavoidable.
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Postby John » Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:17 pm

This has happened to me as well and here is the likely culprit...

The keel rides on two travelers that rely on a friction fit within the arcuate cutouts in the front and rear plates. This fit is adjustable via the two nylon set screws in each traveler. When the fit is loose, it is possible for the keel/blade to lose parallelism with the table travel.

It is also important to move the keel for angled cuts by grabbing the keel in the center (not the gear train shaft). Doing otherwise (not grabbing the center) can introduce a few thousands of error--not much but enough to annoy.

For mission critical cuts, it is always a good idea double check your blade parallelism--it is fast and a good safety precaution.

Thanks for sharing--your solution always works here too.

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