Lube port--sporatic burrs.

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Lube port--sporatic burrs.

Postby Michael » Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:36 pm

Hi All-

I assembled a JMP the other day and came across a situation that you should look out for (it's minor, but minor issues are unacceptable to me) when assembling your JMP.

On top of each dovetailed way are a series of holes which allow you to judiciously apply lube to the angled surfaces of the sliders. I noticed a faint "click" when I moved the one of the tables back and forth. What I discovered was a very small burr on the bottom of the lube port holes on one rail. I carefully removed them with a small slip stone and all is well (if you have a similar issue, 400 grit on a small stick works too).

If it can happen to me, it could happen to you as well. If you do nothing, the function of the tool is not impaired and the burr will eventually fatigue on its own and "go away".

It really bugged me and I am happy to share the solution.

Please let me know if you have encountered a similar issue so I can quantify whether my experience was an anomaly or whether we need to change our mfg. process in the next run;


John Economaki
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Postby Outofthewoodtoyou » Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:24 pm

John - I had a tiny burr on just one spot. I used a bit of 600 grit and it came right off. I can't imagine on something as this tool that there would not be one or two little burrs like that. If it was a finger ripping burr - then you'd have a problem.
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