Where are the JM-P Crosscut B (.013") blades desirable?

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Where are the JM-P Crosscut B (.013") blades desirable?

Postby 6jaw » Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:21 am

Waiting for my JM-P to arrive. I get the impression that it takes some care to use the tool correctly and avoid damaging blades. If that's correct, then the thinner blades would be more fragile and easily damaged.

So the question: Where is the thinner kerf really valuable?

OK, a few more questions:
How many are using them? Experiences? Can anyone give examples where they allowed you to do something the thicker blades wouldn't handle? It's not just the 4 extra teeth per inch is it?

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Postby John » Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:57 pm


The super thin blade is primarily for small cross-sections; jewelery, model making, etc.

It makes an extraordinary cut. That said, as the material thickness increases it has been my experience that this thin blade will drift with density changes in the wood. Anything over about .75" and the cut will not be true vertically.

It is so thin and in conjunction with the 4 extra teeth (per inch) it is the most efficient cutting I have ever experienced.

FYI; in our show room we use the standard cross-cut for everything.

So, if you have really thin cross-section needs it is awesome.

Lastly, we are packing the JMP's as I write.

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