Do I need the base?

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Do I need the base?

Postby RickB » Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:58 am

So I've gone and done it - ordered the JMP. (My birthday and Christmas present from me to me.)
So now I'm wondering - should I have ordered the base as well?

Relying only on the videos, it's not clear what is the best height to have the JMP at. I don't have a big shop, so floor space is always at a premium.

Any thoughts on the correct height? Is my workbench going to be too high?

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Base height

Postby rwest » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:18 pm


I had a chance to use the JMP at Marc Adams this spring, and it was on a work bench. The height of a workbench is too tall, as it puts your arms at chest height and also makes it hard to see your cut. I would suggest either getting the stand or making one that puts the JMP at a lower height.

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Proper Height for the JMP

Postby John » Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:18 am

The optimal height for the sliding tables of the Jointmaker Pro is your hip bone (right below the belt line).

Measure your hip bone height, subtract 9.75" and that is the base height for your stand.

I am 6'3" tall and I my demo setup is too tall for most---I had to make a step stool for my recent demo in Japan for prospective customers. It is a big deal if you want optimal results.

Our metal stand is adjustable and will work for most. It can also be customized (enclosed) for storage and appearance considerations.

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