clamping very small pieces in the JMP Pro

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clamping very small pieces in the JMP Pro

Postby Dennis » Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:24 pm

I have to admit, I am jumping around from project to project right now and haven't spent a GREAT deal of time with the JMP, but It is sitting right next to my work bench and keeps "calling" me to use it.

Last week our piano tuner requested a shim be made up for the movement on our piano (the soft pedal was shifting the movement too far) - (the piano is over 100 years old, but is a great old Steinway and well worth the TLC). The piece was to be 3/32" (or just a little under)X 7/8" X 1 3/4".

I'm thinking - perfect! I know which tool will make this little guy.

When I tried to mount a small piece into the saw, I did have some trouble. The trap jaws were not holding the piece down to the table well. I eventually put in a short piece (rip sawing it), put a vertical back fence on with the trap jaws in front, and then put a short block above it to hold it down and "C" clamped the hold down block to the back fence.

This worked, but felt a little "jerry rigged". I'm thinking about making some sort of frame that bolts to both sleds which will allow a vertical piece to hold down small pieces flat to the table. this could slide across the table (maybe two hold downs on one slider bar).

Now for my question: Are you thinking about such a hold down attachment? I think this would be a great addition to the JMP. If you are, I will not invest the time right now. If you are not, I may proceed with this.


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Postby Michael » Thu Sep 10, 2009 1:02 pm

We have no plans for more clamping and attachment methods. Our intention was to give you a good base for customizing the JMP. The 8-32 tapped holes in the Table Tops and the through holes in the Front and Rear Plates were put in just for this purpose.

Your system sounds good. That should work fine.
One thing to look out for with clamping down to the table tops: If you use a cam system or other high strength lever clamp, it is actually possible to cup and/or distort the 1/4" thick aluminum tables. This will cause inaccuracies. while cutting. Just an FYI.

Keep us posted how it all goes!
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JMP clamping

Postby neilc » Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:59 pm

I purchased the universal fence clamps from Rockler - ... a148h.11dd

I drilled a series of holes in the top of the wooden supplied fences about 2" apart across the top face. I have found these give me a lot of flexibility for holding and quickly releasing pieces on the JMP.

They are excellent for holding simple jigs or stop blocks or just pieces when cutting.

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