Wanted: CT17 and SE Block Planes

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Wanted: CT17 and SE Block Planes

Postby lancenielsen64@gmail.com » Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:33 pm

I was fortunate to get an HP Block Plane from the waiting list; the tool is beautiful and stunning.
I have learned that I am in the number one position on the waiting list for the SE Block Plane, but they are all gone!
I am now relegated to the hope that someone, somewhere, is experiencing buyer's remorse, or that his wife found out what he paid for it and threatened divorce, or...
Guess it could be a girl; I'm envisioning a man sitting at a desk going through bills and calling in his wife; he's holding an invoice with a look of shock on his face: "Honey, are you shi**ing me? You spent 25 hundred dollars on a hand plane?"
Anyway, if that guy (or gal) is you, and you need to rehome one of these magnificent machines, please send me an email.

Incidentally, this is my very first post on any forum of any kind.
Not sure I did it right. :)
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Re: Wanted: CT17 and SE Block Planes

Postby rwest » Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:24 pm

Welcome Lance,

Your post was excellenct and you did it right!

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