Directions and accuracy

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Directions and accuracy

Postby » Thu Mar 29, 2012 7:46 am

I had an initial problem with my AMP as I'll describe.

I followed the directions in placing my caliper in the clamps on the AMP. Then I wanted to check accuracy with some machinist's angle standards I have. Measuring several of them and converting the caliper reading to degrees using the iPhone app, I was disturbed to find the measured angles large by a couple tenths of a degree. Alternatively, setting the angle using the data engraved on the AMP, I found the standard angle didn't fit well - about 5 thousandths gap at one end of its approx 2" length. What's going on? (I'd double-checked the angle standards with a Brown & Sharp machinist's protractor and another protractor I have and they looked right on.)

Looking carefully at my AMP, I noticed in following the directions, I had worked to make the caliper's position in the clamps balanced, with the beam tight against the AMP leg, held by the clamp "F", but the clamps themselves were slightly uneven. That is one was slightly higher on the caliper than the other. So, I repeated the setup, but this time used a small straight-edge along the lower edges of the clamps as an added alignment constraint. After re-clamping, the angle standards and AMP readings correspond very well.

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Re: Directions and accuracy

Postby » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:52 am

I also had a rocky start with the AMP-v2, but all's well that ends well!

The product arrived with a slightly loose bearing that I didn't notice, that combined with the need to attach sandpaper shims to the calliper arms, and similar problems to those outlined by John above, left me feeling this could have all been an expensive mistake.

However, after playing around for an hour or so it was all sorted out, when I realised the bearing was sloppy it only took a moment to tighten it down with an allen key (although the correct size was not supplied) and in practise the Angle Master has been superb. On my Felder saw as standard the mitre fence can be adjusted to about a quarter degree for non standard angles, and the saw tilt to a tenth degree. But the AMP-v2 allows a whole new order of precision, and after extensive tests I'm confident this can be achieved reliably and repeatedly. Because my Felder is a combination machine this is particularly important, as I'll often have to break down a setting to move on to another function. However, the AMP-v2 provides the means to return to previous settings with absolute (in woodworking terms at least) precision.
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