Would like some input regarding Kerfmaker

Would like some input regarding Kerfmaker

Postby User308609 » Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:36 pm

So I got my Kerfmaker yesterday and ran out to the shop to try it out. Went through the setup four different ways and the end result was that I ended up with a kerf that was too tight, almost not wanting to fit with the thin stock (1/4"). I used the measureless way of blade calibration (orange) as shown in the video. Also, I do understand about the idea of squeezing or relaxing the KM against the stock for the second calibration (grey). On the second try, I intentionally went very loose but still got a very, very tight fit.

And then with the thicker stock (3/4") the result was too loose, I thought.

Does John or anybody have this experience with theirs and can shed some light? I'm using a new tablesaw with a new blade with Incra miter and I think I've got it all tuned pretty well.
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Postby John » Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:00 pm

Let's falsely assume for the moment that there is nothing wrong with your KM-1...

Your results should mirror the exact fit of the KM-1 so here are a couple of reasons why they may not...

1. Your stock is not uniform
2. Your KM-1 is slipping-check the offset on your setup piece-is it still light tight?
3. Make sure you are not trapping dust between the KM-1 and the stop block or between the KM-1 and the stock being cut.

The fact that your results are both too tight and too loose indicates to me that something is happening during the cut.

Play around a bit more and if you are still getting less than perfect, we will send you a replacement.

Hope this helps.

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km problem solved

Postby User308609 » Sun Mar 06, 2011 11:42 pm

I solved the problem right after my first post. Did not get the chance to post an update right away, but I went back and checked my processes of known things and assumed things. I had just scored a big box of really nice scraps from the cabinet shop down the street. So nice in fact that I assumed that the sides were parallel. So for try number two: 1. I squared up my stop block; 2. I put it up against the fence closer up near the blade entry and 3. I switched blades to the nicer, stiffer fine cut one. Perfect kerfs.
There's a lesson here somewhere and I think it's this: If someone offers you a nice box of free wood, make sure you have your calipers handy so that you won't be taken advantage of and have unmilled, imperfect scraps dumped on you!
Yeah, that's me: Live and don't learn (I believe that's another Calvin and Hobbes quote)
Thanks for the prompt response--you were right on the money.

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