Use of the KM-1 Kerfmaker for cutting tenons

Use of the KM-1 Kerfmaker for cutting tenons

Postby DonSnyder » Wed May 12, 2010 12:07 pm

The instruction manual and video I've seen for using the KM-1 demonstrate its use for making, you guessed it, kerfs. I was thinking for how it might also be used for making tenons, for example to fit into a previously cut mortice. The figure below shows how this might be done by simply using an "extender block." The width of this block is not critical but needs to be wide enough to permit the orange guide to extend beyond the body of the KM-1 by an amount equal to the cutter kerf. The desired tenon width can be set using a caliper or directly using the router bit or mortice chisel that was used to cut the mortice. I have not yet tried this, so I'll be interested in comments about the idea. It should aid in cutting tenons to fit tightly into mortices.

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Postby rwest » Thu May 13, 2010 2:52 pm

Hello Don,

Click on the tab that says "John's Blog," and under catergories select "new tools" You should see John's answer to tenons in the Tenonmaker. It's not for sale yet, but I saw a sample at one of the Hand Tool Events, it it should be a great tool!

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