JMP-sw Threaded holes in Tabletops

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JMP-sw Threaded holes in Tabletops

Postby savatteridesigns » Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:22 am

Same post as in JMP-v2 thread........

Just a mention about the threaded holes in the new table tops for the JMP-v2, -SW & Upgrade kits. ...

They are going to be 10/32" verses the 8/32" on the JMP-v1, this is a good thing.

The purpose of these threaded holes is - in order to attach jigs and to ease in work holding methods as you see fit down the line.

(I don't believe I mentioned this earlier, I actually just noticed this yesterday when I had the v1 & v2 versions next to each other.)

At some point Michael will inform me as to the "class" of the 10/32" thread.
Within the Imperial system you have coarse and fine threads -within each of those divisions you have classes.
The class of the thread in combination with the threaded machine screws will determine whether your fit is tight or a little wiggly.

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