videos are a godsend

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videos are a godsend

Postby savategreg » Wed Dec 08, 2010 9:51 am

Welp, I received My JMP v2 and promptly put it together carefully following the printed directions. (A process I love as much as using the equipment. Its just something about assembly that is very gratifying to me.) once the blade was installed i couldn't raise and lower it easily at all. Damn. Took it apart (blade assembly only) and it worked great. Put the blade back in ...CRAP!!!!
Decided to sleep on it. Could i be bending the keel supports? When i loosened them it helped but the tilt mechanism had to be adjusted every 2 turns because of the binding. CRAPPPPPPP!!!!!! Ok go see if there is a suggestion on the forum. Nuttin! CRAPPPPPPPPPPPP! ok go ahead and watch the keel assembly video. Uh Oh put the shim washers in the wrong place. got busy relocated errant shim washers. YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!! smooth as a well adjusted JMP v2 crosscut!!!!!! Now get busy on the stand then ....... LIBERATE STARBUCKS STIR STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!

The wait was well worth it!!!!!!
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