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Assembly Instruction Typos

Postby Michael » Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:01 pm

Yesterday I found 2 typos in the assembly instructions for the JMP-v2.

1. Step 1 calls out the 10-32 x 3/4" Flat Head Screws. These are actually only 5/8" long. These same screws are used to attach the Table Tops to the Bearing Blocks.

2. The other typo is in the Keel Assembly section. The Threaded rods should both be set 3/4" below the Bevel Gears. The text of one of the diagrams says 7/8" while the diagram itself says 3/4".

3. I updated Page 10. There were a couple of extra washers drawn in there that were not necessary. I also cleaned up some of the dimensions of the washers to make them easier to read (OD and ID were flip flopped)
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Some more suggestions

Postby AlaskaRanger » Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:18 pm

From my recent experience:

In Step 23, you might consider adding that one needsw to loosen the front keel's adjustment screws, and really jam the front trunnion against the front plate in order to emplace the cursor. That was my experience, anyway; although as I posted elsewhere, that cursor was for me the only obstreperous part, or step, in the entire assembly.

Also in #23, "Attach(ing) the Flip Stops exactly as illustrated"... well, it's a pretty smeary illustration there, but it appears to ME that you have one left and one right on EACH side of center, and now that i've been working with the saw, that oughtn't be right, as then the stop's long side isn't stopping the trunnion.

This one's less important, but some things aren't so intuitive to those who never have assembled one of these before, and in Step 8, you might consider adding a No. 8: Remove Crank and Jam Nut - as you'll have to do that in order to join the keel to the frame.

Lastly, according to the Guide sometimes you use ACETAL material, and sometimes ACETYL... interesting :wink: and sometimes the saw's color is CHAMPAGNE, and sometimes it seems to refer to the U. of Illinois, which is in CHAMPAIGN :roll: And I've always spelled TRUNNION with two "n"s. Don't get me started on "different than" v. "different from". If it matters to you, Ill let you find that in the Guide.

Thanks VERY MUCH again!
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