Some Questions on the Precision Trammel (PT-1

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Some Questions on the Precision Trammel (PT-1

Postby Dennis » Sun Feb 28, 2010 12:22 pm

I recently obtained an old catalog of BCT tools. In this catalog, there were options on the PT-1. I would like some info on this if there is a person at BCT who can answer them.

1.) You could get a 1 meter trammel bar (with rule and connector) (P/N 1102-067). I am assuming this is the same trammel bar as the english version except with the rule "flipped over" to the metric scale? the scale was both english and metric on opposite sides I believe?

2.) What was the connector piece? I'm assuming it allowed you to add on the 1 meter extension (P/N 1102-090)? Would it be possible to get a drawing of this? I could re-create it if it is not available from BCT.

3.) I see you also offered an 18" version (P/N 1102-091) without a rule. This would be a great size for many jobs. Did you sell many of these? Is it possible to obtain one from BCT?

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Postby John » Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:05 pm


Regarding 1): Yes, you are correct.

2) The connector allowed you to almost double the length of the 1 meter trammel bar, and in theory make a monster bar if one chooses. The accessory bar did not have a rule attached so it was substantially less money. I will post the cross section dimensions here in a week or so (out of the office as I write).

3) I don't know how many we sold, but it was a cool size. No, we have none left to my knowledge.

That said, those trammel heads are amongst my favorite designs--

Hope this helps-

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Re: Some Questions on the Precision Trammel (PT-1

Postby » Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:41 pm


I imagine you are not planning to produce another run of the connectors and extensions? I have been looking for a connector for these for some time and cannot find one. Would it be possible to get some dimensions and perhaps a picture of how this was done? I might try to make my own up.


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