How to set the throat opening and blade depth

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How to set the throat opening and blade depth

Postby Matt » Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:08 am

I just got an HP-6v2 starter kit, a rabbit sole, and a dado sole.

What is the best way to set the throat opening and blade depth?

It seems that i might be setting the throat too narrow (about 1/16") because
it keeps getting clogged with wood and the plane stops cutting.

For that matter I am not sure how to set the depth of the blade below the sole.

Thanks for your help in making this tool useful (instead of just frustrating)


BTW, The documentation that comes with the HP-6v2 is poor. There are no diagrams showing what parts are what (I'm a visual guy), and there should be more info on assembly techniques, usage, best practices, examples... The sole kits should also have documentation (the rabbit sole had no documentation at all) on installation, setting clearances, blade depth, usage, ... you get the point. It would be helpful if the documentation was available on the website as paper sometimes gets lost, misplaced, or ruined in a shop environment.
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Postby Michael » Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:50 pm

Hi Matt,
Ensure the blade is bevel side down. All of the irons for the HP6-v2 are meant to be used bevel down. Also ensure the rear sole is backed up against the blade to prevent chatter.

The mouth opening is not as critical for profile planes as it is for bench planes. 1/16th" opening is probably fine.

The Rabbet Sole will indeed create a lot of shavings for the mouth opening. You will need to be diligent in cleaning out the shaving with each pass. Setting the blade for depth of cut can be done by feel or by sight, looking down the bottom of the plane and just barely seeing the blade.
Adjustments on the blade depth are done with the rear knob and should need to only be turned a maximum 1/4 turn when figuring out the best depth.

The plane is much easier to push with a thinner shaving so I would recommend starting thin and going thicker if it feels comfortable.
As with all planes it takes a few passes to get the correct setting for the wood that you are cutting.

I concur with your directions comment. We do have plans to do an instructional video for setting up the plane. The Surface Cove overview video shows the process at a glance.

Let me know if you have any more issues.
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