Creating Textured Stock (Step 1).............

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Creating Textured Stock (Step 1).............

Postby savatteridesigns » Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:50 am

Creating Textured Stock using the HP-6v2 Multi Bead Iron

Below are steps I took in order to create textured stock using the HP-6v2Multi Bead Iron. This stock will be used as face-trim for a simple open cabinet (using walnut veneered plywood) for a master bathroom. Within the next few days I will show the progression of the steps involved to achieve this goal. (work in progress)

I'm using the Festool MFT 1080 table & clamps to hold the work.

1. This is showing the bottom of the HP-6v2 Plane with the Multi-Bead Sole & Iron set to be used on the face of one inch walnut stock.


2. Using the HP6 fence system with guide rail to navigate my first run, each row takes about 6-7 passes to achieve the beaded texture.


3. Here I have removed the wooden guide rail to proceed with the second course.


4. Using the Double saddle square to check the set distance for clamping down longer wooden fence.
I found that overlapping the last two "beads" each time proved to be most effective method for creating a consistant wide textured stock.


5. Setting the end of the fence.


6. After 6 courses are laid down. I'm keeping the rail pins attached to aid in holding down the plane against the larger fence.


Tomorrow...... creating 52 inch stock using the Festool guide rail as the fence.
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Postby PFranks » Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:31 pm

That's really fun, Roger. I can picture it in your bathroom. It'll really catch the light beautifully. Looking forward to where this is going!
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