Beading sole profiled inlay

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Beading sole profiled inlay

Postby rwest » Sun Aug 02, 2009 5:33 am


I have been trying out some different inlay effects. I used the .250 Beading Sole set to make the profile. To start, I took a thin slice off of a board of walnut and then a slice off of a maple board and glued the maple between the walnut pieces. I could have just glued the thin strip of walnut onto a maple board, but I was working out of the srap bin and the maple wasn't a good size! I centered the beads and started cutting.


When you plane to the final depth, you will have contrasting lines between the beads, which gives the appearence of very thin beads, evenly spaced.


Then it's just a matter of cutting off the finished inlay. You could then put it into a groove, or a dado.


One final thought: to get the right thickness off the top slice, don't worry too much, start a bit thick, run the profile, and if it doesn't cut into the next layer, take a few passes with a hand plane and then run the profile again, until you get the contrast.

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Postby Stumper » Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:02 pm

Thanks for the idea. I'm making some decorative boxes for gifts and I think this will work great for a couple of them. I have discovered that purpleheart is not the easiest wood to work with the HP6's though.
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Postby rwest » Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:51 pm

You're welcome Wayne,

Can't say that I've tried the HP-6 on purpleheart. I do have some in the shop though, maybe I''ll give it a go!

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Postby John » Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:05 pm


Cool idea!

Wayne, when using really hard woods, make sure your iron is super sharp and take really light passes and lots of them. The results are incredible!
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Thanks Rutager

Postby WoodZealot » Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:29 am

Thanks Rutager for sharing this idea. I played around with some walnut and purpleheart earlier tonight (pics below). I was curious to see the effect with less contrasting materials. I think I prefer more contrast like what you achieved with the maple/walnut combo. More experimentation to ensue... with other materials as well as other mulitbead profiles.

Again, thanks for the idea!

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