Drilling to an Exact Depth

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Drilling to an Exact Depth

Postby rwest » Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:48 pm


I'm at a stage in my jewelry box project where I need to drill a shallow 1" dia. recess in a veneered panel for my signature and date medallion. It needs to be right on because I can't sand the veneer. This technique is a variation of the one John shows in the DJ-1 video.

The first step is to get a rough measurement of the distance between the drill chuck and the DJ-1 with the bit touching the stock and the bit part way in the chuck.

The next step is to cut a section of drilled dowel as is shown in the video that is a little bit thinner then the distance between chuck and DJ-1 and the depth you're drlling to.

Now set the depth by adjusting the bit in the chuck sandwiching the stop and the medallion against the DJ-1; I'm using my wooden medallion, you could also use brass set up bars or other pieces of stock. Remove the medallion or set up bar and drill until the chuck reaches the top of the dowel.

The finished result(in scrap stock, always test your set up!)

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Re: Drilling to an Exact Depth

Postby artfulholmium@gmail.com » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:32 am

After I read your post, I went to the shop and tried mine, the outriggers and jaws just dropped off after I removed the fasteners. I suggest you send Michael a email mberg@bridgecitytools.com and let him know, something isn't right.

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