Curved Shoulder Tenon using Notching Jig.

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Curved Shoulder Tenon using Notching Jig.

Postby rwest » Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:14 pm


As John pointed out in the offset/notching jig thread, there is a way to cut a curved tenon shoulder in straight stock that makes a better joint than just "throwing" a dowel in the mix! There are several other benefits; one is that it won't turn in the stock like a single dowel can the other is that "blow out" becomes a non-issue when drilling just the shoulders. Here is the set up:


After drilling both sides(if you drilled all sides you could put straight stock on a ball!):


Laying out the tenon with the CS-2/Tenon attachment:


Cutting straight shoulders on JMP:


Cutting the cheeks:


The tenon after cutting on JMP, note that I ran the cheek cut past the shoulder to meet the curve:


The finished tenon after I used a curved rasp to remove the waste in the curved section:


The finished joint, I used the HP6-v2 to put a radius on the board, then drilled a mortise with the DJ-1 then I put the curved shouldered tenoned stock into it(the plane cuts a 2" diameter curve, the biggest bit I have is 1 5/8th, so there is a tiny gap):


When I first built this custom jaw set I had thought it would be a way to join stock to a cylinder, but after some more thought, I think it would be a great way to attach slats to a curved rail on a bed or table giving it a detail that sets it apart from the "pack" without a lot of extra work!

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Postby John » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:15 pm


In addition to what you have illustrated, you could also rotate your tenon 90 degrees to your curved shoulder. This of course would depend on what you expect the joint to do (load bearing, etc). There also would be some loss of face grain gluing area.

The reason I mention this is that is should be much easier to clean up the cheek faces.

You did bring up an interesting point--curved shoulders for fitting a tenon into a sphere is certainly interesting regardless of how esoteric the need--and the sphere would need to be nominal to fit your bit dia.

Fun stuff.

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