Making the After-Earthquake Detector

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Making the After-Earthquake Detector

Postby PaulMarcel » Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:37 pm

At last year's WIA'11, I was invited to do demos of the Jointmaker Pro (JMP) from Bridge City along with three other Jointmaker customers. The event itself was a whole lotta fun. While all of us use the Jointmaker in different ways in our woodworking, we did a simple-ish demo piece at the show to highlight some of the whacky cuts you can do easily on the Jointmaker that are very difficult otherwise. The demo piece was the After-Earthquake Detector.

It's a fun demo and a funny project so I've wanted to make a podcast of it ever since and this is it.

There's more text about the video here on my blog. There are also other entries about "things Bridge City" if you click on the BCTW tag or the tag for the specific item like the HP6v2, JMPv2, or the Guide to Household Plumbing.
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Re: Making the After-Earthquake Detector

Postby rwest » Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:47 pm


Great video with lot's of useful tips; I took a break from using my JMP, popped some popcorn and watched it. Now I need to head back down and cut up the rest of my inlay pieces.

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