AMP 6i suggestion

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AMP 6i suggestion

Postby Dennis » Sat Aug 29, 2009 7:35 pm

Somewhere on this site I remember reading that John was working on a V-2 AMP-i utilizing a custom caliper which will read out directly. I do have a suggestion for that unit if it is not too late.

First, I love the one I have, but if you are designing a new one, it would be beneficial to be able to lay it down on a flat surface and scribe the angle directly from the tool to the wood. I'm using it today on an acute angle (using the blue adapters) and they center on the tool leaving a substantial gap between the blades of the tool and the wood. I have a bit of a feeling of "measure with a micrometer, cut with an ax". It is working though - far better than just using a protractor.

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Postby John » Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:28 pm


We are working on a new unit--waiting for prototypes. Also we are working with a caliper mfg. to modify their chipset to include inches/metric/angularity.

I completely understand your situation, you want to project the blue jaws flush with your work. Here's a simple fix-

If you have two steel six-inch rules around, you can double-stick tape them to the blue jaws to accomplish your intent--wood will work too if they are parallel. It's a workaround.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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