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All of these items where purchased by me around 1992-1993.
All tools are in original boxes. They have not been used, unless indicated. Those few were only used a couple of times. Most have never been taken out of the plastic bag. I can supply pictures as needed. I had intended to further pursue woodworking, but my skills were not up to the beauty of these tools, so I left them unopened. Some show a little brass tarnish, usually where the brass meets the Juara wood.

The easiest way I can accept funds is via Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can still go there and pay with a credit card.
Buyer will be responsible for shipping from Zip Code 60137. I can only ship to lower 48 states.
The easiest method for shipping is USPS Flat Rate Boxes, which includes insurance coverage up to $50 for domestic shipments.
Go to, click Quick Tools, and then click Calculate a Price. Enter 60137 as the 'from' and your zip code as the 'to'. There are four blue options at the bottom - select View Flat Rate Boxes. It will then show a screen with 3 box sizes (dimensions are shown). The 'Normal Delivery Time' row, under the 'Retail' column toward the right, will show the prices for each box size. Allow room for packing.
I will mark tools as they sell as sold.

The first price for each tool is my price. Then, I show some ebay price ranges where I found similar tool(s).
TS-3 Double Square, $60, ebay $56
MS-1 Jointmaker's Miter Square, $65, ebay $70
MS-2 Master Miter Square, $80, ebay $45-125
DS-1 8:1 Dovetail Square, $60, ebay $60
DS-2 6:1 Dovetail Square, $60,
SR-6 6" Pocket Rule, $25
SR-12 12" Bench Rule, $25
CR-18 18" Centering Rule, $35
SR-24 24" Bench Rule, $45
SE-24 24" Precision Straight Edge, $60, ebay $61
SR-36 36" Bench Rule, $65
NOTE: All 5 rules plus SE together for $220. This is the way I'd rather sell these because of shipping concerns.

BP-18 Bevel Protractor Signature Series #927, $195, ebay $100-75, used a couple of times just to see how well it worked. Still looks brand new.

SOLD: TS-1 Jointmaker's Square, $60, ebay $50-65
SOLD: TS-1.5 Try Square, Signature Series #147, $90
SOLD: TS-2 Master Try Square, $80, ebay $80-150
SOLD: SA-2 Scratch Awl, $65, ebay $75-86
SOLD: MS-1.5 Miter Square, Signature Series #132, $85, ebay $98
SOLD: MS-3 22.5° Miter Square, Signature Series #878, $80, ebay $50
SOLD: AS-24 Adjustable Angle Square, $125, ebay $199-100, large box shipping
SOLD: TB-1 T-Bevel, $75, ebay $100
SOLD: TB-2 7" Sliding T-Bevel, $80, ebay $125-77
SOLD: TB-3 12" Sliding T-Bevel, $100, ebay $125-$80
SOLD: MG-1 Marking Gage, $120, ebay $122-81
SOLD: MG-2 Marking/Mortising Gage, $155, ebay $160-153
SOLD: DG-2 Depth Gage English with HG-2 Height Gage Attachment, $160, ebay $148
SOLD: CS-1 CenterScribe, $195, ebay $238-125, Used once or twice
SOLD: SA-1 Scratch Awl, Signature Series #402, $65, ebay $85
SOLD: AS-3 3" Adjustable Square, Signature Series #2472, name - Ramirez, $95, ebay $70-167
SOLD: AS-14 14" Adjustable Square, Signature Series #2480, name - Ramirez, $180, ebay $215
SOLD: CT-1 Squeval Rosewood, Commemorative Edition #798-R, Initials - PR, $85, ebay $100-78
(For fun: Bridge City Sweatshirt, white with colorful city bridge logo, free if you buy many of the tools at once. Worn once or twice, but looks relatively new. L or XL. Will require large box)

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“It appeared to be always our own plan, but as soon as we launched, people were asking for men’s immediately. We thought we would get going and provide it this particular season, ” said co-founder Jennifer Rainnie, who oversees product sales, marketing and design, when partner Baseer Khudayar holders distribution and also logistics. Rainnie can be a beachwear seasoned, with earlier stints in brands for instance Roxy plus Havaianas, and the girl noticed a new void considering product directed at young people. “There was required to fitflops boots sale uk be a thing with more on the neutral shade palette and that also was current, ” she said. Malvados’ women’s line comprises three collections — the sporty Playa flip-flops, the Luxe slim-fit flip-flops and also the Icon way sandals — which in turn retail with regard to $20 to be able to $50. Models from Malvados’ Playa set. Courtesy of brand. Intended for men, it will offer not one but two styles, the Playa and also the Jack, that can be costing $25 for you to $50.

Malvados men’s Jack style for springtime ’18 For brand
Rainnie explained the brand has a great earthy, basic palette. “But we didn’t simply use regular Pantones intended for our colorations and straps, ” the lady explained. “We merged and created iridescents to mens fitflop sale uk create our very own color history. ”The vendors also attempted to create a new youthful id. Malvados (Spanish regarding “wicked”) takes in inspiration out of music plus travel.
In reality, its types are referred to as after cocktails as well as rock actors.

“The market we’re marketing to is absolutely about encounter — that’s just what exactly our branding may be all regarding, ” explained Rainnie, noting which the label tapped musicians in addition to creatives since its make ambassadors to build buzz. THE braided women’s sandal from Malvados’ Image series.
Due to brand. Those efforts may actually womens fitflop sandals be working. Malvados has a lot more than 700 sell accounts, including Flip Flop Merchants, Bikini. com and Zumiez.
Shopping ahead, Rainnie’s principal goals are to create additional men’s variations and create a presence in major tunes festivals.

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2017-05-16T16:50:57-07:00 <![CDATA[Trade your tools • SP-26 Sliding Parallel]]>
I am looking to purchase a SP-26 Sliding Parallel. If you have one please contact me at

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