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Part One: Necessary traits
•At the top of a blank sheet of document in the center of the page write down the name of the career you’re likely to follow.
•beneath the name of the career write “character of an brilliant [Write your career here: doctor/teacher/businessperson, etc.].”
•If you did write a career, make a list of the character needed to excel in either field you’ve chosen. If, for case, you want to study business essay writing service, you might think “skill to work well with others” and “control skills” on your list.
•Either way, list at least five character along the right side of the paper. We’ll call this your “tell” column.
Part Two: How I have established these character in my life
•On the left side of your page write at the top “How I’ve established These character in My Life.”
•For each excellence in your “tell” column, write down a exact moment/example from your life that SHOWS that you have developed this quality. (For example, if you wrote “ability to work well with others” in your right hand column, write in the left hand column a exact instance that shows you work well with others—the time you worked with a large group to put in order the Dance epic at your school, for instance. Or if you’ve written “good listener” in the right hand column, you might describe how while volunteering at the rest home you found that the patients often felt at ease sharing their life stories with you.)
•Keep going until the left hand column is filled with case of the character named in the right hand column.

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