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KM-2 Kerfmaker
Founder's Circle Price: $107.10

Anybody who has been working wood for any length of time understands the pain of sizing grooves with today's off-size sheet goods. If you have ever tried to "dial in" a dado head with paper shims or fussed with a wobble head dado set, you know this hassle intimately.

While the KM-1 is limited to a maximum stock width of 2 inches, the KM-2 Kerfmaker will allow you to make cross laps and other joints with stock up to 100mm (4 inches) in width.

Included with the KM-2 Kerfmaker is a red magnetic reference stop. 

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Pencil Precision
Founder's Circle Price: $534.38
Available for Pre-Order

Pencil Precision is not just about making pencils. It's about being engaged in an activity that generates rewards on several levels. It is a rich and highly enjoyable activity that is not bound by pre-existing skills – anybody over the age of 8 can make gallery quality pencils with this unique and robust tool.

The Pencil Precision includes the following:
• Pencil Precision Base Unit
• Pencil Extrusion Unit
• HP-6v2 Mini Multi-Plane Body with Depth Skids
• (2) Front and Rear Soles
Dual Purpose Plane Iron
• Aluminum Hone w/ Diamond Paste
• Red Clamp Bar and Wire Racks for Painting
• (12) Cedar Pencil Blanks
• (12) Pencil Leads in 2H
• (2) Black Ferrules with Erasers
• (2) Champagne Ferrules with Erasers
• (2) Slate Ferrules with Erasers
• (2) Black Ferrules without Erasers
• (2) Champagne Ferrules without Erasers
• (2) Slate Ferrules without Erasers

Additional blanks, lead, ferrules, and accessories such as the Beaded and Hex Die Kits can also be purchased alongside this kit.

For those that already own a HP-6v2 or HP-6FX Mini Multi-Plane body, you can opt to purchase the Pencil Perfection Base Kit.

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HP-14 SS Scraper Plane
Founder's Circle Price: $625.50

Bridge City Tool Works is pleased to introduce the HP-14 Scraper Plane, an indispensable plane for wood grain that cannot be tamed with other planes. It is the only logical choice for veneer work and really shines with surfacing marquetry projects.  

This stainless steel version is a limited edition tool and will only be made once.

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Gyro Air
In Stock

The Gyro Air G700 by Harvey Works is breaking tradition and changes how you view, hear, and breathe dust collection. 

It features:
•   99.7% dust separation efficiency before filtration
•   extremely low noise levels (61 dbA)
•   compact size with built-in mobility kit
•   strong and constant static pressure
•   up to 50% energy savings (only 1.5KW)
•   variable flow control
•   intelligent dust-full monitor
•   less maintenance

Learn more about this amazing product in John's post and his in depth review here.

Purchasing the Gyro Air for your school? Contact us here and receive a $500 discount off your unit!

The Gyro Air will ship within 2 business days from the date it has been ordered. Flat Rate Freight Shipping Cost to the Lower 48 States is $149!

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SE Dual Angle Smoother
Founder's Circle Price: $3,800.00
In Stock

Continuing the unique theme of using copper components introduced in 2015, we are pleased to share the latest edition of our Limited Edition of 50 series, the SE Dual Angle Smoother.

Only 50 of these exquisitely crafted tools were made and 2 units remaining (#18 and #25).

Also note: We have a limited number of blem units available to purchase from this run. Please contact us to learn more about it by calling us at 1-800-253-3332 or sending us an email here.

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