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MS-1.5v2 Miter Square

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MS-1.5v2 Miter Square

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The MS-1.5v2 Miter Square is our mid-sized Miter Square, which is also a great companion to our TS-1.5v2 Try Square. This square is the perfect size for those who find the 1v2 too small or 2v2 too big for their work.

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Product Description

Of all the different wood joints you will make, one of the most difficult is one of the simplest – the miter joint.

Here’s why this joint can be so frustrating.  Let’s say you are making a frame and your layout tool is off by 0.003”. That is ONLY three one thousandths of an inch.

If you have ever made a frame where three joints are perfect and the fourth has a bad case of GAPOSIS, the problem is likely your 45-degree reference. That little 0.003” error multiplied by the eight cuts means that fourth corner now features an ugly 0.024” gap which is just under 1/32” of an inch. That is an ugly gap, and it is the province of amateurism and it is completely avoidable.

The MS-1.5v2 is our mid-sized Miter Square which is the perfect size for those who find the 1v2 too small or 2v2 too big for their work.

All our Miter Squares feature the following:

•   Adjustable Accuracy
•   Stainless steel blade
•   Can be used with a marking knife
•   Factory calibrated to 0.001” or less
•   Aluminum “Sure Grip” handle
•   And tool styling that will surely please the cash warden in your house!


Black/Champagne Anodized Aluminum with an Orange Trim Handle is made from aluminum while the blade will be made from stainless steel. Overall Handle Length: 4.795" Handle Width: 1.34" Handle Thickness: 0.51" Overall Blade Length: 8.98" Blade Width: 1.23" Blade Thickness: .06"
Why is the orange insert in the handle of the T-squares loose and rattles?

The rattling in the Try Squares is normal and is present with all of the units. It does not affect the functionality of the tool and was part of the design of all our Try Squares. The looseness allows us to take the tool apart, if need be, should we need to re-square/fix the tool.

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