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AS-24v3 Adjustable Square

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AS-24v3 Adjustable Square

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Quick Overview

Serving both as a large fixed ninety degree reference and an adjustable bevel square, our AS-24v3 is one of the most versatile bench layout tools you will ever own.

(The AS-24v3 Magnetic Cursors are sold separately.)


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Product Description

Completely redesigned from its predecessor, the AS-24v3 features a split, anodized aluminum head.  One head is fixed to the 24” blade at ninety degrees (accuracy: plus or minus 0.002” over the blade length) and the other head pivots—allowing you to set the blade of the tool to any angle your project requires.

The AS-24v3 features laser etched graduations (Imperial or metric) which can be used directly or in conjunction with the optional cursors which eliminate parallax errors.  These graduations are on one edge only; the opposing edge is “blank” and is useful for storyboard markings with a pencil. The satin chrome finish provides a nice contrast to pencil marks in addition to making it easy to wipe them clean.

In addition to the graduations, the locking mechanism has been changed from a knob to a cam lever. This change will allow users with hand and finger disabilities an easier functional method to lock the bevel head in place.

The optional AS-24v3 Magnetic Cursors (Imperial or metric) will allow you to reference individual graduations to speed layout amongst multiple boards. They are fast, stay put, and can easily be removed when not needed.
The AS-24v3 blade is notable because it is a hardened,  satin chrome 24” precision straight edge and can be used in conjunction with marking knives or veneer cutters.  

Most woodworkers are forced to use a framing square for larger project layout—a tool that almost always has questionable accuracy. And,  the planar nature of the tool makes it gangly in use. The AS-24v3 is a beautiful and accurate solution towards your quest of quality workmanship.

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