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HP-6v2 90-Degree V-Groove Profile

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HP-6v2 90-Degree V-Groove Profile

Item Number: 1101-284-44

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Quick Overview

This is the most useful sole to date. This profile will allow your HP-6v2 to make stunning "V" cuts in wood that can be used as textural, or decorative elements in your projects.

The "V" groove iron is double ended (two irons in one), and each end has two distinct cutting edges that form the "V" profile.

Note: This Profile is the same size as the original V-groove Profile released several years ago. However, this profile will only fit the new dovetail HP-6v2 Mini Multi Plane Body (sold separately).


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Product Description

The HP6v2 "V" groove plane always requires a fence or a guide to maintain dead-straight cuts. We recommend using the HP-6 fence system when your cuts are less than 2" from the edge of your stock. If you have a need for a "V" groove that exceeds the capacity of the fence system you will need to clamp a guide in place. The side of the HP-6 body will ride against this reference and your cuts will be as straight as your reference edge.

Please note: These profiles can only be attached to the HP-6v2 and HP-6FX plane bodies.

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