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HP-6v2 Tapered Sliding Dovetail Kit - Deluxe

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HP-6v2 Tapered Sliding Dovetail Kit - Deluxe

Item Number: 1101-284-50-DKIT

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Quick Overview

By making a precisely fitted dado joint, it is now possible to create tapered sliding dovetails with our HP-6v2 Mini Multi Plane. Our Tapered Sliding Dovetail Kit is available to purchase in two versions: Basic and Deluxe.

Here’s what you will receive with the Deluxe Kit:
•    Anodized Aluminum Female Dovetail Front and
     Rear Sole with Iron, Scoring Cutter and Lateral
     Wedge Adjustor
•    HP-6v2 Male Dovetail Front and Rear Sole with Iron, Scoring Cutter, and Honing Guide
•    HP-6v2 Dado Depth Gage
•    HP-6v2 Dovetail Gage
•    HP-6v2 Depth Fences
•    12” Long Male Dovetail Guide with two hangers
•    24” Long Male Dovetail Guide with two hangers

(This kit does not include the HP-6FX or HP-6v2 Mini Multi Plane Body, HP-6v2 Guide Fence System, SP-26 Sliding Parallel, or any of the HP-6v2 Dado Profiles).


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Product Description

The tapered, sliding dovetail joint  is one of the most difficult hand woodworking joints—the accuracy required is daunting, particularly the female half of the joint.  As such, most woodworkers have never made this joint entirely by hand—they aren’t easy using a router!

The benefits of using this joint are incredible—knock-down furniture and casework without the need for clamping cauls are two immediate uses. Regardless of the numerous benefits, none matter if the skills required are beyond the majority of the woodworkers.

We are thrilled to announce that is now possible to create tapered sliding dovetails with our HP-6v2 Mini Multi-Plane—this useful joint has never been easier to make.

In order to obtain precise and predictable results, we have created a precision system  that consists of a universal 12" or 24" Dovetail Guide (left and right) for making the male dovetail, an  HP-6v2 Dovetail Gage for measuring the dovetail that also serves as a spacing jig for the female dovetail shoulders.  In addition, we have also developed a SP-26 Sliding Parrallel that not only helps simplify making the female dovetail, but is also useful on several pieces of woodworking equipment you likely already own.

By constraining the height of the male dovetail to 0.300”, this system will allow the bulk of the female dovetail waste to be efficiently removed with either the HP-6v2 ⅜” or ½” Dado Profiles. This is a completely new way to make this wickedly strong joint.  When complete, the dovetail will have a ½ degree taper from front to back (this is 0.009” per inch/.076 mm per cm).

Here is brief, step-by-step overview on how you make precise tapered sliding dovetails using the HP-6v2 Dovetail Kit entirely by hand—you begin by always making the male dovetail first…

1)      Layout the centerlines of the female dovetail across the width of your stock. This step is easy.

2)      Attach the aluminum dovetail soles to your HP-6v2 Mini Multi Plane Body, insert the iron, and adjust the cutting edge to approximately 002-005”. This can be done by eye or feel.  It is important to note that the iron only cuts the face of the dovetail. The shoulder of the dovetail is cut with a circular scoring cutter that is never adjusted.  This step is also easy.

HP6v2 Sliding Dovetail

3)      Attach either one (or as an option, two) tapered guides to your stock with clamps using the guide hangers (these prevent the taper from being attached crooked which would create a compound cut.) Prior to tightening the clamps, make sure the narrowest Guide edge(s) is/are flush with the edge of your stock where the dovetail is most narrow.  This step is easy.  

Dovetail Guide with Guide Hangers Dovetail Guide with Clamps  

4)     Attach the fence to the HP-6v2 Dovetail Plane. In most cases, you will set the depth of the fence to cut the minimum amount of wood at the widest portion of the dovetail which is the rear. Once set, plane each side of the stock until the plane no longer cuts. With both sides complete, you have a perfectly centered male dovetail that is 0.300” tall. 

Note: Using two HP-6v2 Dovetail Guides makes this process really fast; it avoids two setups. The cuts are easy and setup does not take long—you are almost always cutting across the grain. This is some of the easiest plane work you will encounter.

HP6v2 Dovetail Plane

5)      The HP-6v2 Dovetail Gage is now attached to the narrow end of the dovetail and is also set flush with this edge. Hold the Dovetail Gage tight against the male dovetail and tighten the clamps. The two flanges you see on top of the Dovetail Gage now indicate the ideal dado width you will need to cut for the female dovetail and these are measure with dial or digital calipers.  (If the dado width indicated is .375-.499”, you can use the 3/8” dado kit. Anything over .5” will require the .5” dado kit.)  Once locked, you slide the Dovetail Gage off the narrow end of the dovetail.  Later we will use this locked setting to help cut the female portion of the joint. This step is easy.

HP-6v2 Dovetail Gage

6)      Next, attach the appropriate HP-6v2 Dado Profile to the HP-6v2 (we strongly urge the use of a second HP6v2 body to avoid multiple set-ups and tear downs) and our new HP-6v2 Depth Fences. To properly set the exact dado depth, you use the HP6v2 Dado Depth Gage as pictured to set the depth fences. This is also a very easy setup.

HP6v2 Depth Gage

7)      Making precise dados by hand has never been easier. Pictured below is our new SP-26 Sliding Parallel. All you need to do is set the fence exactly 1” from your centerline and clamp in place with the Vernier scale locked at 0.000”.  If your required dado width is 0.532” as indicated by the HP-6v2 Dovetail Gage, you make your first .5” pass with the Vernier adjusted at 0.016”. Once complete, you adjust the fence 0.016” from zero the other direction, lock, and make your second cut. The result is a .532” wide dado that is .302-.305” deep. The SP-26 is a phenomenally precise fence for woodworkers and will work on numerous woodworking machines including drill presses, band saws, router tables, etc.  It does not take extraordinary skill to set this fence 1” from each end of a centerline, or much skill to loosen two knobs and adjust in 0.001” increments using the Vernier scale.

AF-26 AF-26

Once the appropriate sized dado has been created, you will be able to turn the HP-6v2 Dovetail Gage upside down and place the flanges in the dado—it should fit without slop.  When the front edge of the Dovetail Gage is aligned with the edge of your stock, you can use the left and right sides as guides for shop made guide boards because each is tapered ¼ degree. Once clamped, remove the Dovetail Gage from the dado. The setup looks like this and it too is straightforward and easy…

Dovetail Gage upside down Dovetail Gage with guide boards

9)       With the guide boards clamped, it is time to cut the two faces of the female dovetail. Plane up one side and down the other using the exact same blade setting that was used to make the male (this is why we recommend two bodies).  Make multiple passes, and when the plane quits cutting, you are done. You can now slide the male dovetail into the female from the rear and when it gets approximately 1/8” from the edge, tap it home with a mallet.  Planing end grain is rarely classified as easy, but when the guide boards are clamped properly, this is next to impossible to screw up.

Dovetail Profile and Guide Clamps


Our system is possible by completely rethinking how to make these cuts.  By cutting the shoulders with a scoring cutter, we were able to reimagine a new way to make the sloped cuts with an iron pitched at 55 degrees. In the illustration below you can see how these cuts are made:

Dovetail Iron Detail

The shoulder cut with this new iron design is identical to a cut made with a skewed, low angle block plane.

Sharpening this iron is ridiculously easy. Hone the "V" groove on the corner of your sharpening stone. Lateral adjustments are made possible by a tapered wedge that uses the side of the plane body as an anchor--up and down movements will move the iron left or right. In practice, we like the iron set to take a cut in the 0.002-005" range. Because the cuts are light, multiple passes are easy.

Optional HP-6v2 Dovetail Kit Accessories:
•    12” Long Male Dovetail Guide (will make both left and right tapered cuts) with two hangers.
•    24” Long Male Dovetail Guide (will make both left and right tapered cuts) with two hangers.
•    HP-6v2 Dovetail Iron
•    HP-6v2 Dovetail Scoring Cutter
•    HP-6v2 ½” Dado Profile
•    HP-6v2 ⅜” Dado Profile
•    HP-6v2 Mini Multi Plane Body
•    HP-6v2 Guide Fence System
•    SP-26 Sliding Parallel

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