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HP-8 Brass "Works"

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HP-8 Brass "Works"

Item Number: 1101-227-7

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Quick Overview

As most woodworkers know, the beauty of a piece is in the details. Crisp chamfers, flawless edges, and details that impress tactfully and visually. This is only possible when you use a tool sized for the task.

You may also check out the Stainless Steel version of the HP-8 here.

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Product Description

As most woodworkers know, the beauty of a piece is in the details. Crisp chamfers, flawless edges, and details that impress tactfully and visually. This is only possible when you use a tool sized for the task.

We last made the HP-3 and HP-4 small planes in 2001 and over the past decade they have become our most requested planes. We revisited their capabilities and have created the all new HP-8 Low Angle Mini which incorporates all of the benefits of its two forbearers and adds a couple of new functions not possible with any other plane available today.

First, we lengthened the body by 20%. We then changed the blade clamp design so the iron cap is permanently attached to the body. And we made a significant improvement to the blade depth mechanism by incorporating a lead screw adjustor that features eighty threads per inch. One full revolution of the lead screw changes the depth of cut by 0.003"—you will never need a finer depth adjustment than this. Combine this with an adjustable throat and you will get silky smooth shavings on both end and face grain.

The HP-8 Low Angle Mini features a bevel-up iron bedded at 12 degrees creating an attack angle of 42 degrees. Both faces of the A2 tool steel are optically lapped, and the hardness is 60-62 Rc. Overall plane length is 4.21".  Width is 1.298". Blade width is .94". Fences are 4.965".

Unlike the HP-4 where the miter fence posts were permanent, the body of the HP-8 allows for their removal so you can attach the depth skids accessory—this allows you to plane stock to an exact thickness and dead parallel to the opposite face.

Using the HP-8 Low Angle Mini is plain and simple fun. With the miter fences attached, you can put dead sharp, 45 degree chamfers on both face and end grain corners—you vary the width of the chamfer by spacing the fences, or minutely by changing iron depth. It is hard to describe how fast this is or how perfectly uniform your chamfers are—which is why this plane is so much fun.

You can also attach one, or two 90 degree fences and using two is a cool technique to keep edges square on thin stock. This can be helpful with thin solid stock as well as ganged veneer for perfect edge joints.

We believe the most amazing capability of the HP-8 Low Angle Mini is the ability to thickness plane. Here is how it works; using a reference material (acrylic, Masonite, playing cards, etc...we like using pin gages) at both the front and back of the HP-8, it is possible to raise the sole of the plane a specified distance. Next, attach the depth skids on each side of the plane so the bottoms of the skids are planer with your bench surface. Set the iron depth and throat opening to a comfortable shaving thickness and plane away—at some point the plane will quit cutting (you will need to dog the front of your stock to keep it from scooting forward). Your stock is now parallel and the exact thickness along the entire length. We are able to make multiple parts with thickness variations no greater than 0.001"! We also were able to plane coffee stirrers to thicknesses as fine as .030" repeatedly. This ability opens a whole new world of possibilities for the craftsperson who values precision.

The fence kits are milled from aluminum, and the toolless locking knobs, as well as the fence posts are turned from stainless steel. We have done our best to bring you a plane that will quickly become one of your favorite tools. We love the look and low maintenance of the stainless version and are pleased to simultaneously produce the brass version. The fence kits and the depth skids are available individually or you can obtain the HP-8 Low Angle Mini "Works" which inlucdes one spare iron free.

Included in the HP-8 Brass Works Kit:
  • HP-8 Body in Brass
  • Miter Fences (2)
  • Straight Fences (2)
  • Depth Skids (2)
  • 1 Extra Iron

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