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SP-26 Sliding Parallel

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SP-26 Sliding Parallel

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Quick Overview

The SP-26 Sliding Parallel has a myriad of uses in today’s woodshop. Use with a hand held router, router table, bandsaw, or various hand work requirements, this fence will allow you to achieve perfect results without trial and error.

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Product Description

If you have been working in wood for any length of time, you are likely familiar with the “tap-tap, oh crap” method of adjusting fences or other setups where a guide is held in place with clamps. You get it close; semi-tighten the clamps and start tapping back and forth, then measure and repeat until you reach your goal.  Although this is how we all do it, I think we can agree that “trial and error” is not very efficient.

One of the great myths about working in wood is that you do not need to measure anything closer than 1/16”, maybe 1/32”.  And the internet is full of purveyors of such nonsense. We posted a video months back that illustrates the difference between a good cross lap joint and one that is completely unacceptable (for furniture grade work) and the difference was a meager 0.003”—yes, three thousandths of an inch. Good joiners work to machinist tolerances without the expensive equipment.  And sometimes it takes a great deal of patience, practice and lots of scrap wood to achieve perfect joinery.

While working on our Tapered Sliding Dovetail system, we saw a need for an adjustable fence that could be adjusted in 0.001” increments. And the quickest way to achieve our intent was to expand upon the concept of adjustable machinist parallels.

The SP-26 is 26” in length and is approximately 6” in width including the clamping tab. Precisely milled from an aluminum extrusion, this fence features two sliding wedges that allow for incremental 0.001” adjustments of the parallel edges. This is accomplished by using a Vernier scale. The total range of adjustment is one inch, or .5” each side of the zero setting.

Fastened to the business end of the SP-26 is a predrilled aluminum angle that will allow you to attach wooden guides or fixtures for whatever use you can conjure.  Attached to the opposite edge is an MDF clamping tab that will allow you to clamp the tool to a bench, machine top or other flat surface without trashing the tool. The clamping tab is replaceable and can be drilled and screwed in place for more permanent applications.

The SP-26 is simple, fast and most important, trustworthy. And we are confident that having this tool will make you a much more efficient woodworker.

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