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CT-19 Transfer Bevel

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CT-19 Transfer Bevel

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The Commemorative Tool series is an extraordinary collection of tools that display the innovative, precise, and beautifully crafted work Bridge City has been producing for almost 35 years.

We are pleased to share with you the CT-19 Transfer Bevel, a unique and versatile tool that acts as a transfer bevel, try square, and t-bevel in one.


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Product Description

The CT-19 is the most versatile layout tool we have ever created. Though official called a transfer bevel, the CT-19 is several tools in one.

As a try square with pivoting legs, 90-degree accuracy is guaranteed—the 90-degree stop is adjustable.  Furthermore, the aluminum reference face is removable and quickly attaches to either leg with four rare-earth magnets. This means you can use the square, with the inside graduations (Imperial or metric) in either your right or left hand.

As a bevel, the removable aluminum reference face allows you to layout angles either to the left or right of your intent—with the locking lever UP at all times. For example, if the CT-19 is set to a 30-degree angle, you can layout one line, switch the reference face to the opposite leg and mirror the initial 30-degree angle which creates a 60-degree angle. It’s really fast as the reference face always self-registers with either stainless steel leg as it is “sucked into place” by the powerful magnets.

The bottom of the reference face also contains two rare earth magnets which allows you to use the tool as a reference on your cast iron equipment, table saws, jointers, and drill presses which allows you to use both hands for other purposes.

The CT-19 Transfer Bevel is milled from solid stainless steel billet and is skeletonized for both aesthetics and weight reduction. The graduations are laser etched and the tool is designed to minimize, if not completely eliminate, parallax errors in use.

Lastly, the locking lever is strong, adjustable, and hand and finger-friendly.

The CT-19 is a unique and versatile shop tool that should give you, and your heirs, years of joy in use.

Read more about the CT-19 Transfer Bevel in John's blog here.

0.80" Tall
Gradations on each arm up to 7"
solid stainless steel

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