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DJ Universal Jaws (Basic)

If you own a DJ-1 or DJ-2 Drilling Jig, these jaws dramatically increase functionality. They also serve as a nice foundation for whatever shop-made jaws you might require. This tool allows for easy drilling of round, square and other shapes at any angle up to 45 degrees.

You must own or purchase a DJ-1or a DJ-2 Drilling Jig to use this product.

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DJ-2 Base Kit

The DJ-2 Base Kit is for current or future DJ-1 owners who want the best of both DJ-1 and DJ-2 Drilling Jigs for the most economical price.

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DJ-2 Bushing Housing

This is a duplicate housing that will allow you to tandem drill or create two distinct edge referenced drilling guides from the two arms of the DJ-2 Drilling Jig.

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DJ-2 "V" Jaws

Identical to the jaws on the DJ-1 with one significant difference, the DJ-2 "V" Jaws allow for our new flip stop reference system.

These jaws are compatible with the DJ-1 Drilling Jig and the DJ-2 Base Kit. (See FAQ for more information)

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DJ-2 Flip Stop Kit

When drilling identical holes in multiple components, the addition of fixed stops can save you time and prevent layout errors.

This system is compatible with the DJ-1 Drilling JigDJ-2 Drilling Jig and the DJ-2 Base Kit (sold separately). If you have a DJ-1 Drilling Jig that was produced prior to 2014, you need to purchase the DJ-2 "V" Jaws for this acccessory to be compatible with your unit.

The flip stop kit includes:
(1) Flip Stop
(1) Flip Stop Beam

The DJ-2 "V" Jaws (as shown in the photo) are not included and sold separately.

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DJ-2 Flip Stops (2pk)

The 10” beam of the Flip Stop Kit will allow multiple flip stops to be attached to your DJ-1 Drilling Jig, DJ-2 Drilling Jig and the DJ-2 Base Kit. This is handy for marking the beginning and end holes of mortises and other multiple hole location needs.

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