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BR-12 Zero-Glare Bench Rule

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BR-12 Zero-Glare Bench Rule

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  1. very nice ruler Review by Brian (J)

    I received, use, and like this ruler very much. My main measuring tools is a B&S 4" double square but when I need more ruler this is the one for me. I want to respond to another reviewer who wrote:

    "However, there are a couple of problems. I don't really like the offset rule, I'd rather have the name on the other end, so the rule would read 0-11 [Bridge City], rather than [Bridge City] 0-11."

    I couldn't understand that. Everyone I know, and I also, constantly 'burn' an inch off the start of the ruler so as to see a reference line to '0'. I would be disappointed if I saw it changed per the previous reviewers suggestion.

    (Posted on 1/2/14)

  2. Explaining Shipping Costs Review by Consuelo - Program Manager | CSR for Bridge City Tool Works

    Thank you for the thoughtful response about the review of this tool.

    As explained in good faith via email to the customer, we have mentioned that our shipping charges are tied directly to the carriers website and populate the shipping costs charged to us on our website, however First Class Mail/Flat Rates are not included in the shipping quote. That is something that our website does not have the ability to calculate.

    The shipping policy is explained and available to view on our website in the Shipping Policies page:

    As mentioned in the page: "Our website has an interactive design to populate the current shipping rate with our shipping carriers. We cannnot change these rates as they are tied directly to the carrier's current rates."

    (Posted on 2/15/13)

  3. clarification Review by Miles

    In corresponding with Bridge City, I learned that the markings are laser-etched, not silk-screened or planographic as I speculated, so I'm happy to offer this clarification. That might be a good piece of information to add to the product description.

    I also should have said Priority Mail, not Express -- but regardless, it would still be good to have a cheaper shipping method available for such a small item, if possible. (Posted on 2/6/13)

  4. beautiful Review by Miles

    What a beautiful little rule! I got it in the mail this morning and immediately turned around and bought one for my dad.

    I'm impressed with the thoughtfulness of the design. The centering rule will no doubt come in handy, as will the "hook' (essentially a brass washer and setscrew that can be mounted on either end). I also like the design of the marks on the millimeter rule, which has curves attaching the off-ends of every other tick -- easier to see than describe, but it really makes it easy to see which tick to use.

    However, there are a couple of problems. I don't really like the "offset rule," which is essentially a rule that starts an inch from the end so the manufacturer can have an inch in which to engrave their name. I don't grudge them that, but I'd rather have the name on the other end, so the rule would read 0-11 [Bridge City], rather than [Bridge City] 0-11. Calling it an "offset rule" on the package is also a bit of marketing-speak, like turning a bug into a feature -- I'd rather they just honestly claimed a spot on the rule for their identification without gussying it up with a name.

    I also notice that on one side around an inch from the end the markings don't seem as bright or consistent as elsewhere on the rule. Still legible, just not as bright. The markings seem to be silk-screened on, or something like that -- they're on the surface (planographic), not engraved (intaglio). We'll see how well this holds up in practice.

    I'd also appreciate a standard ground mail shipping rate -- USPS Express Mail was almost as much as the cost of the rule itself, and I didn't need it all that urgently.

    These factors make me give it a three. If they were addressed, this would definitely be a 5. (Posted on 2/2/13)

  5. Easily my favorite measuring tool; an 18-24 inch one might be nice Review by Ted

    This sucker is easy to use to measure or estimate measurements, like estimating a diameter or diagonal.

    Very stable ruler, I'd consider an 18" or 24" one.

    Both ends are threaded and you can these to help clamp the ruler in place (screw in a threaded rod, screw on a small nut and use the flat sides of the nut for the clamp surface). I've thought about making a T-square guide to screw in, but haven't be.

    My only complaint is that I have to go and find it occasionally because like many of my other tools, it walks away with family members fairly often who then "forget" that they borrowed it. (Posted on 11/20/11)

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