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KM-1 Kerfmaker

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KM-1 Kerfmaker

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  1. Doesn't match Review by Gonz

    Did not read specs when ordered. Tool color should have matched previous tools. Other then that tool is fine (Posted on 7/24/17)

  2. Outstanding - a class changing tool Review by woodPixel

    The kerfmaker is a game-changing tool for all woodworkers that need to cut an accurate kerf.

    I bought 5. One for myself and 4 for woodworking friends. As a professional who makes a living out of rapid accurate work for customised/bespoke projects, the KM1 has boosted accuracy, cut speed and confidence dramatically.

    Dados and kerfs are such a tiny part of any project, but get it wrong and you'll curse for the rest of the job.... so instead of futzing around with setups and tap-tap-tap... the KM1 makes it a quick no-fuss process.

    The KM1 takes a little time to "get your head around" (it's dead simple, but seems like witchcraft) but once used a few times you will NEVER go back to your old methods.

    woodPixel - Australia.
    (Posted on 7/11/16)

  3. Consistency at last Review by rwebb

    This was a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but then you realize how wonderful it is to use. The video was sufficient to get you started. I made quick reference blocks for my different table saw blades of different thicknesses, and now I'm set. I still start with a test joint, (which is usually right on) and then go to work for repeated reliable lap-joints for any project. I use it mostly with my table saw sled. Wouldn't be without it now. Stays set when you tighten it down. Great design. (Posted on 2/13/16)

  4. Good but hard to execute Review by Tom

    I had to fiddle with this quite a bit to get it to work, more because of the vagaries of getting the kerf set correctly than the design of the tool. It did not work well for me in making multiple cuts, i.e. box joints, but then they don't claim it works well for that either. (Posted on 9/14/15)

  5. Good but hard to execute Review by Tom

    I had to fiddle with this a lot to get it to work, more because the vagaries of setting the kerf correctly than the design of the tool. Once set it works as performed. But not so good for multiples, e.g. box joints - at least for me. (Posted on 9/14/15)

  6. A tiny gem Review by Steven

    A small tool yet it packs a powerful punch especially when you're trying to set up your tools for flawless, gap-free joints. There's a terrific video by HalfInchShy outlining it's many uses on YouTube, check it out: (Posted on 1/2/14)


    Incredible tool; I got a perfect kerf on my first try. Recommend all woodworkers get one. Sure you might get along without it---there *are* ways to do the same thing for zero cost. However, this is just so much faster and it's such a cool tool. Live a little---just get one. (Posted on 12/5/11)

  8. Exceptional product Review by William

    KM-1 Kerfmaker works as advertised! (Posted on 11/2/11)

  9. This thing id NEAT! Review by Chucko

    I had some reservations about spending so much money for this tool but it turns out to work exactly as advertised first try! I used the no measure calibration technique illustrated on the product information video and ended up shimming the measurement by one paper thickeness. I have used it to make a jig for routing small mortises and found it to be incredibly accurate. This device is worth the money spent as it cuts down certian cerf measurement and cuts to seconds. I am looking forward to finding how many different ways I can put this device to work. (Posted on 11/2/11)

  10. Awesome Review by Dee Bee

    I live in Australia - I am really impressed with Bridge City Tool Works. I have just bought tools of them and I will be 'back for one of these VERY soon. It seems to make woodworking so easy!!! (Posted on 5/23/11)

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