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Food Grade Chopstick Oil (15mL)

Although your chopsticks can be painted, air brushed, lacquered, or varnished, many enjoy a natural finish. Our Food Grade Chopstick Mineral Oil is a quick and easy way to protect your handmade chopsticks from being stained by food.

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Diamond Paste

Our #6 Diamond Paste is a great all purpose grit for sharpening your plane irons and chisels. Use on a piece of hardwood or our own custom profiled Hones for your HP-6v2 Multi Plane and HP-10 Convertible Foxtail Plane.

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Sandflex is great for cleaning and polishing all kinds of metal. Learn More
Boeshield T-9 Liquid
Boeshield T-9 Liquid, 1 oz. Learn More
Liberon Bison Paste Wax
Neutral Color Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax is a perfect solution for helping your tools keep their shine. After cleaning your tool, simply apply the paste wax which also alows for protection from corrosion and hand grease. Learn More
Liberon Steel Wool
This Grade 0000 of steel wool is a great way to help keep your tools looking new! Size is 250g. Learn More
Flitz Polish Paste 1.76 oz
Flitz Polish Paste 1.76 oz Blister Tube. Learn More
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