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MS-1.5v2 Miter Square

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MS-1.5v2 Miter Square

Item Number: 1101-293

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The MS-1.5v2 Miter Square is our mid-sized Miter Square, which is also a great companion to our TS-1.5v2 Try Square. This square is the perfect size for those who find the 1v2 too small or 2v2 too big for their work.


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Product Description

Of all the different wood joints you will make, one of the most difficult is one of the simplest – the miter joint.

Here’s why this joint can be so frustrating.  Let’s say you are making a frame and your layout tool is off by 0.003”. That is ONLY three one thousandths of an inch.

If you have ever made a frame where three joints are perfect and the fourth has a bad case of GAPOSIS, the problem is likely your 45-degree reference. That little 0.003” error multiplied by the eight cuts means that fourth corner now features an ugly 0.024” gap which is just under 1/32” of an inch. That is an ugly gap, and it is the province of amateurism and it is completely avoidable.

The MS-1.5v2 is our mid-sized Miter Square which is the perfect size for those who find the 1v2 too small or 2v2 too big for their work.

All our Miter Squares feature the following:

•   Adjustable Accuracy
•   Stainless steel blade
•   Can be used with a marking knife
•   Factory calibrated to 0.001” or less
•   Aluminum “Sure Grip” handle
•   And tool styling that will surely please the cash warden in your house!


Black/Champagne Anodized Aluminum with an Orange Trim Handle is made from aluminum while the blade will be made from stainless steel. Overall Handle Length: 4.795" Handle Width: 1.34" Handle Thickness: 0.51" Overall Blade Length: 8.98" Blade Width: 1.23" Blade Thickness: .06"

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