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DJ-2 Drilling Jig

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DJ-2 Drilling Jig

Item Number: 1101-245

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Quick Overview

The DJ-2 Drilling Jig was born out of requests from current DJ-1 Drilling Jig owners seeking a faster way to drill off center holes. Whereas the DJ-1 has zero backlash self-centering capabilities, off center holes are only achieved by shimming one side of the jig.

The DJ-2 Includes the following:
DJ-2 Drilling Jig with "V" Jaws

NOTE: Bushings and Flip Stop Kit are NOT included. This product works for those who already own a DJ-1 Drilling Jig. For those interested in a DJ-2 with bushings, the available kits are as follows:
DJ-2 Imperial Kit
DJ-2 Metric Kit

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Product Description

The DJ-2 Drilling Jig features a floating bushing housing which allows you to set your drill centerline anywhere along the beam using the built in Imperial or metric rules. It is fast, versatile and can easily be centered simply by setting both sides of the bushing housing to the same distance on each beam.

There is not a more accurate of a way to drill holes with a bit than through a bushing—the accuracy of this jig is unparalleled.  

It is now possible to add an additional DJ-2 Bushing Housing—this will allow for multiple holes on a centerline perpendicular to the reference jaws of the DJ-2.  It is the most versatile drilling system and really shines in shops with limited space. We fondly refer to the DJ-1 and DJ-2 as drill presses in a “drawer”.

The DJ-1 community is an enthusiastic and inventive group. If you would like to see how your fellow woodworkers are putting this remarkable tool to work, check out the DJ-1 forum here.

The DJ-2 also allows for the addition of a Flip Stop Kit. This is very handy when drilling identically located holes in multiple components.  If you are a current DJ-1 owner and would like to employ the stop system, all you need are a new set of DJ-2 “V” Jaws.

The  DJ-1 and DJ-2 share many similar components and if you don’t mind sharing components, you can create either a DJ-1 or a DJ-2 by ordering the DJ-2 Base Kit and new “V” jaws.  All accessories for the DJ-1 will seamlessly  fit the DJ-2 Drilling Jig including the “DJ Universal Jaws”.

The uses for the DJ-2 are almost endless!  


(NOTE: Bushings and Flip Stop Kit are NOT included in this product. This product would work for those who already own a DJ-1 Drilling Jig.)

To clarify more about the DJ-1 between the DJ-2, we are not discontinuing the production of the DJ-1 because of its self-centering function which is invaluable to certain applications. The DJ-2 is mainly for off-center hole drilling and was created from requests from current DJ-1 owners. You can center with the DJ-2, however, it involves using the centering rules on the arms and making sure that the spacing is identical on the left and right which indicates the drill line is centered. Depending on the project you are working on, the DJ-1 can sometimes be easier and faster to use, especially if the task mainly involves drilling holes in the center.

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    ok (Posted on 1/4/16)

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