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DJ Universal Jaws (Basic)

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DJ Universal Jaws (Basic)

Item Number: 1101-235

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Quick Overview

If you own a DJ-1 or DJ-2 Drilling Jig, these jaws dramatically increase functionality. They also serve as a nice foundation for whatever shop-made jaws you might require. This tool allows for easy drilling of round, square and other shapes at any angle up to 45 degrees.

You must own or purchase a DJ-1or a DJ-2 Drilling Jig to use this product.

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Product Description

Here’s how it works:
To drill angled holes at any angle, set one of the orange rails to your angle of choice with a t-bevel. The second jaw is aligned to the first by clamping them together with a piece of dowel in the “V” grooves and tightening the second jaw–the dowel will automatically align the loose jaw to the fixed jaw. You will want to position your stock as close to the bottom of the DJ-1 or DJ-2 body for both maximizing drill depth and accuracy.

Drilling dowel holes in miters are easy, set your jaw angle and you are ready to go. The DJ Universal Jaws now feature viewing ports so you can see your center-line if it extends down either face.

Drilling on the “bias” is ridiculously easy and really only doable through a drill bushing. If your stock is square, the hole will enter straight down the corner. Center drilling round stock/pipe/tubing has never been easier or faster.

The difference between the Universal Jaws and the standard jaws is in this case, the orange jaws can be angled or lowered, either increasing capacity or adding the ability to drill angled holes.

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