Bridge City Pre-Order Activity Week of August 20…

Drivel Starved Nation!

Your favorite Tool Potentate has been busy here. Here is an update regarding our pre-order commitments;

1) KM-2 Kerfmakers have all shipped. We have maybe a dozen or so unclaimed units so if you would like one, email and she will figure out how to get one to you. Or you can email me and we can do a Paypal transaction. (FYI, Consuelo is filling in a little from home. She stopped in last week and I got to see little Nathan… what a miracle–this thing called life…)

2) Scratch Awls pre-orders have all been filled. We had two people who ordered an awl that we did not have in the specified color. So we refunded the purchase price of that awl and I substituted another color at no charge. I have also received emails from customers who want to know if we have any left over, and the answer is “a few” as in 20 or so. Most are black (the most popular and safest color). If you are interested drop me an email and we can do a PayPal transaction. Here’s a pic of the SA3-v2 orders;

3) The countersinks are scheduled to be off the CNC grinders this week and the orange base is being lasered this week. I might be able to get some out the door later in the week but for sure next week.

4) The scraper plane soles and SS sides will be done with passivation this Friday. Assembly will take me a couple of weeks so for sure delivery in early Sept.

5) The HP-6 mixed bag of pre-orders will begin shipping this week.

6) There are still parts being milled for the Universal Tools but they will be done this week and head off to anodizing.

7) As mentioned several times earlier, Pencil Precision is scheduled for 4th quarter 2018.

We put a lot of tools up on eBay this week, so if you are looking for a tool you don’t need but want real bad, like in REAL BAD, it might be up for sale. This week’s eBay listing is the last of what what was in our showroom and back shelves, with one exception; sometime in the next 2-3 weeks, I am going to post on eBay a small army of HP-6 bodies and sole kit combos. After that, the Portland office of Bridge City Tool Works will be history.

Lastly, I have received so many really cool notes from customers sharing their history with BCTW. Thank you to all, we did have a great ride together.

Lastly again, I have also received a bunch of confirmations for the new Bridge City Tool Works Grand Opening on October 20th in Monctlair, CA. I am hoping that Consuelo’s baby is cleared to fly, and if so, I will send her and her family down for the festivities as well. Regardless, it should be really fun, hopefully you can make it!

If anything changes regarding the schedule, you will learn it here first!


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  1. What a great picture with all the colors.

    I got a “bonus” in the box with my red scratch awl- a live spider! Must have been watching me working in the BCTW shop and thought it would be cool to hang out with me in MN.

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