Activity Here, the Week of August 13…

Drivel Starved Nation!

With the exception of 4 orders, we have filled all of the SA-1v2, SA-2v2 and SA-3v2 scratch awl pre-orders. You should all see updates to your tracking numbers late tonight or tomorrow.

The four orders we haven’t shipped will go out next week, a couple of our color counts were out of sync. It will take me a week to fix that.

Here are the updates on the last pre-orders.

HP-14 Scraper Plane: All part manufacturing is complete. I am waiting on the stainless steel soles to go through bead blast and passivation. I don’t have a definitive day when that will be done as of this writing.

Countersinks: All countersinks are made and are still at grinding. The stands are made and are at anodizing. I am hoping to get all of these out next week.

HP-6 Misc. Soles and Irons: I am still waiting for the scoring cutters for the rabbet kits. Should know more tomorrow.

UG-1 Gages; All parts will be finished late this week and then off to anodizing and laser. This might be tough to get out by months end, so the safe answer is the first two weeks of Sept.

There ya go! It’s intense here, especially with Consuelo at home with her new baby Nathan. Both are doing well.


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