What a Week Here…

Drivel Starved Nation;

Last week was intense. On Monday we packaged all of the HP-10 Cove/Core kits and they were all shipped out of our facility by Tuesday.

Mark Strahler, the new president of BCTW arrived with his son and helped tear apart the office and the shop.  5 or 6 pallets of stuff was loaded on a truck Thursday for the trip to Montclair, CA.   The weather was toasty.  Here’s a pic of the aftermath;


Beginning Monday, August 6th, the new BCTW staff will fielding calls. If you are seeking information regarding an order, it will probably be faster just to email me direct; john@bridgecitytools.com.

Next out the door here are the SA-2v2, SA-1v2 and SA-3v2 awls. The handles are now being lasered and should be done mid-week next week. We should be able to get them out in a day or two.

All of the parts for the Universal Gage will be done next week, off to anodizing and then assembled here and out the door.

All of the HP-6 stuff is done but the scoring cutters for the rabbet kits. Should be done next week and then out the door.

And, early next week all of the stainless steel parts for the HP-14 Scraper Plane will be shipped to our supplier who does bead blasting and passivation.  Then assembly and out the door.

Remember the rosewood tool chest we recently sold on eBay?

chest 4 700

It is headed to it’s new owner in England and here it is ready to be picked up;


crate 1

Consuelo Baby Watch: Consuelo is still preggers and is at 3cm… whatever that means.

If I left anything out, don’t fret-it’s Friday and I’m beat.

More later-


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  1. I can vouch for John’s crazy life of getting things wrapped up this month- he was going a mile-a-minute, but had a certain calm happiness about him.

    Several times he crossed the street to the warehouse in excitement because he found a long lost treasure under a desk or in a corner- one box was full of brand new cool and rare tools- some of which have made it to eBay and others just waiting their turn.

    Warehouse was full of boxes and parts, going to be an early Christmas for many of us.

    That wood of that tool chest was wonderful; I got to do a little bit of polishing before it went to auction and enjoyed doing the work- there will be some lucky tools that get stored in it!

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