It’s Official, The Bridge City Tool Works Grand Opening in Monclair, CA is…

Saturday, October 20!


Drivel Starved Nation-

I promised to leak this info to those that follow this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog and I did.

I am sure you will get a formal invite from the new Team BCTW in a couple of weeks–I hope you can make it!

This is your chance to meet the new BCTW team and Jack Xu and share your thoughts. Since your favorite Tool Potentate will be there, maybe this  is a great time to have the last “old school” BCTW reunion? Maybe Friday night?

That is for the DSN to decide, I just need to know where to show up!  If you are planning on attending, please RSVP to this post, that way others can see who is coming and what kind of party it will really be!

More later-






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  1. I’m planning on being there- be nice to see all the great people I’ve met over the years through our mutual appreciation (obsession) of BCTW tools.


  2. I’ve put Oct. 20 on my calendar, and will do my best to be there! Wherever “there” is. And the prior Friday for a BCTW reunion. And I’d love to meet Fred Hayden too!

    – Peter

  3. Peter,

    You should probably plan on attending because Rutager has volunteered to babysit Sharon….

    Just made myself laugh!


  4. I’m going to try to make it for the BCTW reunion and the grand opening. Hope to see many of you there.

  5. Ha! I laughed, too!

    But Rutager stayed with us on one ill-fated trip to San Diego to participate in a research cruise with my students. So Sharon is well aware of his proclivities. Heck – she even tried to set him up with one of her (very attractive and smart) friends! It didn’t take…

    – Peter

  6. What Peter fails to mention is that no one let me on to the set up and being the polite and good person I was/am, it wouldn’t have entered my mind to “hit” on one of their friends- well that and the lingering sea sickness!

    Wouldn’t be a party without Rex- hope you can make it.

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