Here is First Our Bridge City Tool Works “Blog Only” Special!

Drivel Starved Nation!

We are slowly beginning the process of liquidating our Portland office. For those of you who are looking for discontinued tools, we are putting about 60 of them up on eBay over the next couple of weeks.

Today, while putzing around in our shop, I found yet another box. Why I found this I don’t know, but I think you might like this little weekend project;

CS1 Kit 700

Here is everything you need to make our original CS-6 6″ Combination Square. The heads are all milled accurately, you simply make the infill from the supplied Cocobolo blank (or your own favorite wood) , dress the faces and ends and you have one really cool weekend project. Included are the notes on how your favorite Tool Potentate would build this tool from these components. A stationary belt sander is a big plus, otherwise you will dress with files. I personally guarantee this head to be square unless you screw it up.

Oh, we only have 50. $75. Click here before it is too late.


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  1. Correction, only 49- I ordered mine just now.

    This will be a fun little project.

  2. I have some Thuya burl that I was going to use in one of my CS-6v2s, but I think it may go in this one instead.

    Snakewood would look real nice too, maybe I’ll have to order another kit?

  3. Can this be shipped outside of the US, considering the species of the blank? Or would I need to just buy a set without the wood and fashion my own?

  4. John,

    Question on the transfer of ownership: will this still be the website, or will there be a different one? I did peruse the Harvey website and maybe along with your new role as a designer, you maybe could help with some of the translations?

  5. While I’m asking questions, how about the Founders Circle, Auto-order, Fab 50 and Commerative Tools?


  6. Founders Circle is going away. Auto order is going away. Fab 50 and CT tools? I want to see those continue, so we will see!



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