We are Slammed, and it Feels Good. Sorta….

Drivel Starved Nation!

I returned from my work retreat on March 5 and have not had a day off since. This coming weekend however I will be attending the Astoria Warrenton Crab and Seafood Festival for a couple of days of R & R. So for those of you who thought I was dead, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Did I just write that? I think I did…

The reason we are so busy is we are short handed. And when unemployment gets below 4% as it is in Oregon, finding help can be a challenge. So, I assembled all the Jointmaker Pro kits and got them out the door. (FYI, we have about 8 units in stock, a couple of precision fences kits in both Imperial and metric are available as well. We have no stands left over from this run. If interested, give Consuelo a jingle at 1-800-253-3332)

The past three weeks I have been assembling the SE 2016 Special Edition Dual Angle Smoother. Here are some pics;

Solid Copper Iron Cap Assemblies:
SE Plane 2

Solid Copper Stand Offs:
SE Plane 3

Assembled Planes:
SE Plane

This plane is spectacular. It is also the most expensive tool we have ever produced. I knew it was going to be a hard run, and it was. We ended up with 17 blems out of the limited run of 50. Ugh. The blemishes are slight and almost all of them are on the sole of the plane. Some are barely perceptible. None affect performance. All are half price. Consuelo is going to do an email blast on these rascals but if you are interested in a really great deal, call Consuelo. She has a list of the serial numbers. The certificates indicate that particular serial number is a Blem. The unblemished units all shipped this week. Remember, you heard it first on this Totally Awesome and Worthless Blog of mine.

Right before I left for my work retreat I made a design change to the Pencil Precision prototype and the new prototype components are now in-house. Hopefully we will have the video done in the next 2-3 weeks.

Lastly, check your inbox in the next day or two for a crazy good deal. We had a customer who ordered 500 Chopstick Masters and after they arrived, they abruptly canceled the order. Shame on me actually, I should have known better. Since my main goal as a business owner is to never get sued, or sue somebody, I have decided that rather than pursue this matter with a $600 dollar an hour law firm, we are going to blow them out at $139 apiece until they are gone. It is driving me crazy that I have to pay rent to store this inventory. I’m over the urge to kill, but it took a couple of months.

That’s all the news I have to share at the moment. I will save the new editions to my police record for another post.

-Your Favorite Tool Potentate

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  1. Hey,

    I see my number in the “pile.” Should be very cool, UPS says it will be here Saturday.

    Sucks about the Chopstick Makers good luck on the sale.


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