Confused About the BCTW Precision Fence System? Me Too…


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the universe.” –Albert Einstein

Each year I do my best to take the week off between Xmas and New Years–and this year is no different. My mistake is that addictive iPad which forces me to check my email each day–and today it appears the DSN needs care and feeding…
We have received several dozen requests from JMPv2 owners who want to use their new JMP Precision Fence System on a table saw sled, and they want it to pivot on the sled–just like it does on the JMP.   We have also received questions from Table Saw Sled Kit buyers who want to know how to make their fences pivot too–as opposed to our original fixed @ 90 degrees version.
So, what appears to have happened is that we have confused our overly demanding customers and here I am working on vacation… Heck, I am confused too. So let’s get unconfused.
Precision Fence System Update for BOTH the JMPv2 (and converted JMP’s) and the Table Saw Sled Kit
First, we have a very large list of names of folks who want in on the 2012 JMPv2 production run. It is larger than it has ever been this time of year–and that’s cool. Consequently, we will open the JMPv2 pre-order window in January of 2012. I mention this because the Precision Fence Systems are being produced prior to the JMPv2 run–by opening the JMPv2 window in January, we will be able to offer a JMPv2 Works package that includes the Precision Fence System. (The total cost will be near identical as incurred by current JMP owners who are purchasing the Precision Fence System).

  • For those of you who plan on using the Precision Fence System only on your JMP, you need not worry, or do anything.


  • For those of you who ordered the Precision Fence Table Saw Sled Kit and you want the fences to be permanently 90 degrees to the blade, as is the tradition with most sleds, you need not worry, or do anything other than place your order.


  • For those of you who ordered the Precision Fence Table Saw Sled Kit and you want the fences to pivot, you will need to purchase a fence base that is unique to the sled kit. This will be made available soon.


  • For those of you who own a JMPv2 and a table saw, and want to use the Precision Fence System on both, you have some options. If you want to attach your JMP Precision Fence system to a sled with FIXED fences (90 degrees to the blade), you have the option of purchasing our table saw Bridges and Guide Rail kit (not posted yet) or, you can build your own. This kit will be made available for pre-order in the email that we will send out soon.


  • If you want your table saw fences to pivot, you have two options. You can use your JMP fence bases (the extrusions fasten to the fence bases) but you will need to route arcuate slots in your sled for two point locking. Here’s why; the fence bases attach to the JMP tables in two places. These fastening locations are on the left and right of the fence base center. We cannot recommend using these bases to pivot on the table saw sled because there is too much leverage working against the pivot. I tested it and I don’t like it. So, we are recommending that you don’t use these bases without the arcuate slot. If you want the system to pivot on the sled, and you do not want to route arcs in your sled bases, we recommend you order the Table Saw Fence Base Kit. (It too will be available soon for pre-order.)

NOTE: The fence bases designed for the Table Saw Sled Kit have centered, single-point locking locations–the locking handle threads directly into the steel guide bars. When you attach 150 grit sand paper to the bottom of the fence bases, it fastens rock solid to the sled substrate. You do not want 150 grit sandpaper attached to the bottom of your JMP fence bases because it will trash your nicely finished, orange anodized table surface.
I will get all this posted with imagery and emailed out to you folks next week–don’t worry about deadlines because I am on vacation!
PS-We delivered all of the Angle Master Pro v2′s over the past couple of weeks. We did a small overrun resulting in about 20 units waiting for new homes–next run will be 2013. FYI.

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  1. John,

    Well..thanks for taking time out of your badly needed vacation to nurture your tool junkies. Now we don’t have anything to whine about! Have a happy and safe holiday this weekend!

  2. I was just thinking the single wing fence, attached directly to a miter slide, might be nice for a bandsaw.

    Never mind me–I’m too a’scared to use a tablesaw and am about to buy my first bandsaw.

  3. We do have a miter gage body planned for this system–existing fences will slide on and off. This project is far from done, and it will grow with time!


  4. Like someone else said a few months ago, the “easy ripping by hand” project is one of the things that keeps me coming back to the blog.

  5. I’m not sure, but I think patience was written in the fine print of the BCTW customer EULA. :D

  6. Well….speaking of universal stupidity….
    I’m making a really nice cabinet with lots of archetectural molding right now. I’m just cruising along (really enjoying) the process of making a nice built up crown molding and I run into a small (3/16″X1/4″) round over to fit just under the dentil molding. It has 90, 45 and 22.5 deg cuts right and left hand. I’m “really thinking” so I put the zero kerf backer on my chop saw and the first cut is perfect. I make the second cut at the opposite angle and …..BLOW OUT. DANG – I go to my scroll saw for the next cut. I put it on and it looks like I cut it with an ax……Now I’m really scratching my bald head.

    I’m walking from my scroll saw to the assembly area and WALK AROUND my JMP. I got about 4 steps past it before stopping in my tracks. The 40 watt light bulb comes on…

    I take the two sides of the zero kerf backer off of the chop saw, put one on each side of the JMP Pro and align using my MS-1 to 45 deg. Perrrrfect cuts! I then re-align these to 22.5 deg. using my MS-3. Again Perrfect cuts… I LOVE this saw!

    The MORAL of my story is……all this fence stuff we are beating around is constructive growing pain. The result of it will be a tool more than twice the enjoyment and utilitiy of an already indespensible component in my shop. I cannot wait to get this system installed on my JMP. and no John – as hard as I try, I do not have patience. You have whet our appitites. You are going to have to truncate your vacation and get on this project. There is no time to loose!

  7. Dennis, I agree, this fence system s going to be a game changer. I need mine worse than you need yours!

    Happy New Year!


  8. Well, I’m getting better. I was cutting out the rails for the door frames tonight and cut the tenon sides on my table saw (I shure wish I had a good sled) then, having several options, chose to use my JMP FIRST to cut the waste off. The JMP cut right on the knife mark every time – I don’t even have to clean them up. This saw is really cool!

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