Creativity Workshop June 7-11

For those of you who have been pestering me to renew my design/creativity classes, I will be teaching one the week of June 7 (M-F) at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking, 20 minutes outside of Indianapolis.

This is the class where you come in as you–and leave messed up like me.

I have been teaching this class on-and-off since the late ’70′s. It is structured to break through all of the barriers that keep you from your creative genius. The first two days are hard, the last three are incredible.

You will never look at a copy machine the same way again.

Or a mirror.

And just think, YOU learned about the Mongolian Death Worm here for FREE–imagine what happens when you pay!

It would be fun to do this with a bunch of Bridge Citizens–if this interests you, leave a note here, class is limited to the first twenty students with an extra $695 in their pocket.

Now, as someone with time on your hands (or you wouldn’t be wasting it here), the formal announcement to the MASW faithful will go out next week. As always, you heard it hear first.


PS: I will not be talking about Megan Fox. She dumped me when she heard the dates for this class–we were supposed to go to Morocco together that week–I would rather watch C-Span for a week than go to Morocco again.

MASW: 317-535-4013

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  1. John,

    Do you have any kind of abstract, syllabus, etc. for the class?


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