Stainless Steel on Black

Can’t say I was overly productive today but I did manage to sign all 50 of our 25th Anniversary Stainless Steel Shoulder Planes.  They really came out great. I wish I could be around in a 100 years to see what these things are worth but after last week’s bout with salmonella–glad I am on the downhill side of life.

Thought you might enjoy this pic of our round-up;


These should all be in their rightful owners’ hands within the next 8-10 days.


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  1. John,

    Beautiful planes and stunning picture, This would make a great poster! Please put me down for one!

    Thanks, Rutager

  2. That’s an amazing picture, John! A sea of planes. Definitely appeals to the oceanographer in me.

    How did you arrange them all without scratching them?

    - Peter

  3. We’re working on a type study of John’s signature, to be published in an upcoming issue of some famous magazine. There will be a carefully graded numbering system to determine value, taking into account rarity of the tool, signature variations and climate conditions at the time of signing.

    Please stay tuned for more.

  4. So I’m hoping that during the handling and signing, one of the planes got a blem. A visible one, making it unsaleable except to someone who was only going to use it and scratch it up anyway. A blem big enough to make you have to drop the price to something so embarrassingly low that you couldn’t even mention it on your web site or forum. A price that the buyer would have to promise never to reveal, for fear of reprisal from horrified (unblemished) SS shoulder plane owners. Hint hint…

    - Peter (well known for both his love of shoulder planes and his ability to keep a secret…)

  5. Peter-

    Unfortunately, there are no blems. There are exactly 52 units–two are marked display units and the others are sequentially numbered.


  6. Drat! Sigh. It was worth a shot.

    How about the picture? Is it for sale? I’d love to get a nice copy to frame. (I really am an oceanographer, and the combination of the wave motif and stunningly beautiful woodworking tools is irresistible).

    - Peter

  7. I’m up for a picture also. It really is a cool study of shape and color. I can see this one in my office – with a frame made using my JMP and HP-6. I can envison a tube taped to my delivery of the plane…..although I suppose I can spring some of my $100.00 for it.


  8. John,

    I am not sure why no one else has asked but I am willing to take one of the display units and prominently display it in my shop for you. Does that work for you as it certainly does for me.:o:o


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