Look What’s Shipping This Week from Bridge City…

It is always exciting around here when a big job hits the warehouse and today is one of those days–

The DJ-1 Drilling Jig, one of the coolest things ever to happen here will begin shipping on Wed or Thursday of this week. And if you have been waiting for one, we, and other owners are anxious to hear from you–please consider becoming a regular contributor to the DJ-1 forum.

This run is sold out, so if you would like to be notified when the next run is happening drop us an email at;


(our website is getting fixed at the moment.)

Meanwhile, here are a couple of pics of the final version–as you can see we made a couple of changes…

DJ1_Set2 copy


We are going to make some unbelievable movies with the production version–they will  be posted on the forum.


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  1. I think I have BCTection drillection kerfection. It keeps getting worse….(or is it better??) Thanks for caring Fred..

  2. Dennis,

    It is simply my deep and abiding love of my tool(s):o First week in October for shipping of the KerfMagic which is simply kerfection.


    Have you by any chance seen or know of one of your FC-1 Flushing Chisels??? I think that it is a tool that approaches kerfection if in no other manner than appearance. However, pfranks tells me that it also works like a charm. I have read that it may be tough to sharpen. I DON’T CARE, I want one. :o I NEED ONE!!! So, if by any chance please let me know. :o


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